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What You Need To Know About Fingerprinting In the USA.

Fingerprinting is a process where the fingertips of a person are rolled into the ink. The inked fingers will then be moved into a paper or a card. Due to the advancement in modern technology, today, fingerprints are taken digitally. Prints can now be scanned using a computer. In the USA, fingerprints are used in many government agencies to check the different background and security checks.

First, you are required to submit fingerprints during naturalization. US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) investigate an applicant when he/she applies for naturalization. The background check includes the prints. Naturalization is a process where a foreigner applies for US citizenship. When you wish to become a citizen, it is a must that you must go through criminal background checks. The fingerprint of the foreigner is sent to the FBI to look for the record of matching the print. If the name of the applicant is found in the law enforcement record, the applicants are supposed to first his/her name before undergoing the naturalization interview. If the foreigner doesn’t receive citizenship before 15 months expires. The applicant will have to undergo another criminal record check. Criminal record check has a validity of 15 months from it then expires.

There are some situations where a person is not able to provide fingerprints due to conditions such as skin problems and deformity. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services department will decide whether the applicant can be fingerprinted. If the medical condition is temporary, the applicant will have to wait until he/she heals before then providing the fingerprints. If the applicant cannot provide print, he/she is required to provide a police clearance letter of where he/she lived in the last three years.

When applying for a US green card, you are also supposed to provide fingerprints. When doing fingerprinting, you will be provided with a form. In the application form, you have to indicate that the prints are for green card applicants. Due to advancement in technology, US Citizenship and Immigration Services requires digital prints. When taking the fingerprints, you should ensure that they are of the right quality because the FBI may reject them if they are of low quality.

Americans who live outside the country are sometimes required to present a certificate of a criminal record. This certificate is used for different reasons, such as visa and employment. These services are not common in the USA. For USA citizens living abroad, the requesting organization may request various proofs of a criminal record. In most cases, such foreign entities require criminal records from the FBI. CJIS department of FBI has a centralized history of a criminal record. The state department provides this information to the government, school, or other government agencies. Anybody who requires these criminal record is always required to submit a request to the CJIS Division of FBI. The application is supposed to be accompanied by proof of the identity of the government agency.

It is crucial to note that the US embassy and FBI don’t offer fingerprinting services. If you are requested to provide a fingerprint, you are supposed to take a fingerprint card to the embassy. Many firms provide fingerprint card services. LA Fingerprints Company scans the fingerprints of the applicant and then digitally sends them to the agency that requires them.

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